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Cy Awards Time Again!

Courtesy of AlphaBit Phalpha

Dear AW Community,

Thank you all for your great support of your Cy Awards!:) Because of your tremendous support, the Cy's have earned it's own world for each round's ceremony and reception. AWCom Inc. has graciously donated the new Cy World for our events...Thank you all at AWCom!!!!!!!!!!

Please join us Saturday September 30th 12 noon vrt for our Gala Grand Opening of the Cy Awards world! The Cy Ceremony will commence at 7pm vrt. (Reception following) Please come early to make sure you have downloaded and chosen your formal attire for the evenings affair:)

We have listed the Cy Schedule below for nominations and voting. This information can also always be found at AWCC ground zero. Please make sure you don't miss the deadlines:)

  • Saturday August 12th 7pm VRT Nominations open
  • Saturday August 19th Nominations close
    (Nominations can be placed at
  • Saturday August 26th from 9am vrt to 9pm vrt Nominations Tour
  • Sunday August 27th 9am vrt to 9pm vrt Nominations Tour (tour will begin in AW Prime World)
  • Saturday September 2nd Voting opens
  • Saturday September 9th Voting closes
    (Votes can be placed at
  • Saturday September 30th 12 noon vrt Gala Grand Opening of The Cy Awards World
  • Saturday September 30th 7pm vrt Cy Ceremony (reception following)

Thank you again and Cya at the Cys!:)



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