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WVRN Radio

KC McMuffin

ActiveWorlds has a new Virtual Radio Station!

Coming soon to AW will be a community based radio station in a class all of it's own. WVRN is a Virtual Radio station broadcasting live online everyday with live on-air DJ's. Included in every DJ's on air show will be a top 5 list of that hour's most requested songs in AW and every Friday the DJ's will have a top 10 list live from their Party Complex in the Alpha World. Even though WVRN will not be broadcasting until Mid-September to late October they are still looking for On-Air personalities. To sign up to become a Radio Now DJ you must meet these requirements:

  1. Be a registered citizen of ActiveWorlds for at least 3 months
  2. Be at least 12 years of age

Also, this note goes out to all of the world owners in the ActiveWorld's universe. Radio Now, WVRN is your source for publicizing your world and world events! For as long as WVRN is on the air, they will be giving away free on-air advertisements. Only 2 per world will be accepted. For more information on this please contact them at:

That's it! To sign up go to their homepage at: If you have any questions about the station you can E-mail them to:



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