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Want Your Name In Lights At AW Ground Zero?

The new (larger) Chess board at Alpha World 3N 3E needs new chess pieces. So put on your creative artist thinking cap and give it your best shot! If your set of chess pieces gets chosen as the "official AW GZ ChessBot set", you'll get:

  • An ActiveWorlds t-shirt, AND
  • An ActiveWorlds email address, AND
  • A one-year extension to the citizen number of your choice OR a one-year citizenship, if you are a tourist, AND
  • Your name in AW world, in the ground zero area, saying you're the creator!

Here are the specifications and rules:

  1. Pieces should fit on the board that is there now, and look proportionally appealing, and not crowded. The size of each board square is approximately 1 meter on each side.
  2. Judging will be done by HamFon, assisted by the rest of the ActiveWorlds staff.
  3. Pieces should look the same in ActiveWorlds version 2.2 and in version 3.0 (so you can not use version 3.0 modelling extensions, for example).
  4. Pieces may be RWX or COB, but should be reasonably small in file size.
  5. You need to create the following pieces: Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, and King. Each of these pieces has four varieties: White, Black, White Selected, and Black Selected. Currently, when a piece is selected, it turns blue. You may use any mechanism to indicate selection that you think is appropriate - changing the color, changing the coordinate offset, adding a "hand" to the top of the object, or whatever.
  6. Piece names: use the same names for your rwx or cob files that are used on the existing board:
      followed by
      "pa" for pawn, "ro" for rook, "kn" for knight, "bi" for bishop, "qu" for queen, "ki" for king
      followed by
      followed by
      "w" for white, "ws" for white-selected, "b" for black, "bs" for black-selected
      followed by
      ".rwx" or ".cob" as appropriate
      For example, a selected black queen built using trueSpace would be "zchqu2bs.cob".
  7. Once you have created the pieces, with the names as in #6, create a zip file for each one, named with your citizen or tourist name, an underscore, and then the piece name, for example,, and add each piece to its own zip file. You will end up with 24 zip files. Take ALL these zip files, and zip them into one big file, labelled with your name, and email it to Please send your entry by August 27, 2000.

If you win this contest, your pieces become the property of, Inc., who may use, or not use, these pieces for any purposes whatsoever, and may modify them as necessary. Your only "payment" for these pieces will be a t-shirt, an email address, a one-year citizenship (or one-year extension), and all the fame and glory you get from having your pieces chosen as the set we use.



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