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Protect Your Passwords!

"Does anyone have a password I can borrow to test out having a citizenship?"

Does that sound familiar to you? The curiousity of a tourist, a friendly plea? Don't be fooled! It's quite possible that you will be inadvertantly handing over your citizenship to someone who will try to steal it!

Your passwords, for all your computer programs, email addresses, and citizenships should be sacred - and not something you give out to just anyone. Make sure that your passwords are not easily guessed - try to include numbers, letters, and special characters in combination to make a unique password that will be hard for someone to figure out. Same thing goes for your privilege passwords! Remember, anyone who has access to your privilege passwords can change all your building at whim! So show discretion when sharing your privileges, and make sure to regularly change your passwords!

"My AW is corrupt, can I borrow your AW.INI file?"

Or perhaps you've heard that one - this is one of the worst cons! And it usually hurts even more, 'cause the person who asks you for your AW.INI file is usually a friend or someone you think you know won't harm you. DO NOT GIVE ANYONE YOUR AW.INI FILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your AW.INI file is encoded with your user name and password, and sharing your AW.INI file with someone is the same as handing over your password. Tell the person to contact for help with their problem.

If you suspect that your passwords have been stolen or someone is trying to con you, contact the Peacekeepers in AW or at for help!



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