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Bot Of The Month Club

AWGames world has been around for a while, providing several good games that are controlled by bots. This month, Ima Genius describes the AWGames' latest game bot, WarShipBot, which he wrote.

WarShipBot is the most recent addition to AWGames.

Hamfon & The Hambots

WarShip is a game somewhat similar to Battleship. There are eight WarShip booths in AWGames, allowing up to 16 people to play at once. In the event that a larger number of people would need to play, more booths could be built and the bot would simply need to be restarted.

To play WarShipBot, the two players enter a booth, click on the 'Click to play' signs, and then place ships on the board. Once both players have placed their ships, they take turns firing at each others ships until one player has sunk the other player's fleet of ships.

During WarShip construction, the area was protected by a bot to prevent people from gathering information about the upcoming game. No one knew which game it was until the actual opening party. Many people were so interested in it that they were willing to be ejected just to see a small tidbit of it.

WarShipBot was written in C++, using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. It uses bi-directional linked lists to respond to events as quickly as possible. A single bot instance controls all booths.

WarShip is open 24 hours a day in AWGames. Feel free to stop by and enjoy WarShip or another game from our plethora of games, which includes CyPac, Bowling, Checkers, Chess, Othello, TicTacToe, Bingo, Soccer, and Trivia.



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