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Get To Know Your Neighbors!

We think it would be great if everyone got a chance to get to know some of the volunteers in the community, and to find out why they love AW so much. This month we're highlighting one of Atlantis' Community Leaders, Caring.

If there's a volunteer you'd like to see us highlight, let us know!

Meet Caring

I've been in AW for three years.. and all but about 3 months have been spent in Atlantis... I love Atlantis...and when I'm not in AW, I resign myself to being in Texas, which I love too... ;-). When I am in Texas, I work 9 - 5 managing a very small estate for an elderly couple. The estate boasts a small country store and I work in there mainly. I love interacting with the customers that come in so I guess I fell into being on my corner in Atlantis naturally. And these days, I ride my bike to and from work (only a mile and a half). When I am home, I take care of an invalid mother in law... so I stay busy. My husband is a welder and works away from home most of the time and I have two grown sons. ;-)



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