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Courtesy of kellee

Why Teaching At AWSchool Is Rewarding!

Can you tell me why we teach newbies in AWSchool? Why AWCom has donated a world for the school? Because learning about AW, and taking a pride and an excited pleasure in building encourages ppl to be active in AW.

I remember my first build..... I was so proud of it. I had overlapped everything deliberatly using shift. I discovered on my own what shift did and also that it covered up those little gaps, so I went berserk with shift. Then a few months later....after I discovered why I should never use shift on walls,I went back and fixed it all......took me two days.Boy, did i regret picking up that habit!

So the poor newbie in the same boat, can go three ways. Either he never learns why he shouldnt use shift, and why he should count etc., and his lousy rotten house litters AW for the rest of eternity. OR he finds out differently.... looks at the mess his house is in and gives up on it.... and either leaves AW or starts another house.... leaving his lousy rotton house to litter AW again...... or it takes him two + days to rebuild it.

All of which could have been prevented by a teacher pointing out WHY counting whole clicks and not using shift ( and what it is ) and the dangers of using overlaps and shift Dunno bout you but I hate seeing AW littered by lousy rotton little houses:o)

So.... a DECENT teacher will teach about shift.... counting...... and let the student learn from his mistakes.... and take the time to go over an ill learned step again.

In AWSchool we are proud of having decent teachers:o)

Do you think you have what it takes to be a teacher at AWSchool? Check out the following links and see if you make the grade!

kellee is an active member of the AWSchool and AWUniv team, and has a great texture yard at AW 1379.7N 1853.6W 0.0a 110. To find out more about building - from basic to advanced visit these worlds:




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