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Recommended Hot Spots

This month we welcome Bille and the crew of the AW Community Register and Brant of AWTeen as a reporters for our Recommended Hot Spots section of the newsletter! Each month AWCOMREG will be bringing us recommendations of communities from all over the universe, and Brant and the kids in AWTeen will be highlighting cool places for teens to hang out!


M u n k u y
AWHS Web Site

M u n k u y's Historical Recommendation
grover's Estate: Ever been to AW GZ before? (and who hasn't?) Then you've probably seen this month's site before... but did you know the history behind it? Built on 7/16/1995 grover's Estate is the oldest existing structure in AW (there were others before it, but they're no longer around due to the expansion of GZ over the years), and was also the first building in AW ever to use panels. grover, as a citizen, has a history behind himself as well. He's been with AW for over five years now, and was around before AW even had citizenship. Therefore, he was one of the first citizens of AW (the first for a while, in fact!) There's a story behind that I'll tell at a later date :) So, take a second look at grover's Estate, for a look back on the past.
aw 0.5N 6.7E 0.0a 0



Caring's Atlantis Recommendation
The AegirRan Atlantica Church
Atlantis 45.4S 66.3E 0.0a 270
Looking for a good place to have that AW wedding? Try this one. ;-)




Canopus' Mars Recommendation
The Mars Hotspot for August is Croatia, a system of warptubes connecting all the settlements in the region. Branimir has given each station on the warptube network a unique architecture, so it is worth travelling just to see the station buildings, but he has also put up temples, museums, shrines, ports, galleries, and manufacturies at various stops. As a major accomplishment, Croatia (169.6S 71.4E 1A 290) can be reached by express train on the Ma'adim Railway from Cimmerium Spaceport (222S 325W 5A). Be sure to check out the special Croatia Exhibit on the groundfloor of Croatia Station before leaving on one of the warptubes.


MPL Cybernome
COFMeta's Newsletter

MPL Cybernome's COFMeta Recommendation
Recently I've been in an artsy fartsy sort-o-mood so I have been checking out alot of different galleries around AW. But one that has always thrilled me is Zero Gallery Village located @ COFmeta 988n 20e. The place was created mostly by jupytr, a well know netizen around Meta. But, she has also gotten help from other artist that have added to the village's appeal. Filled with real artwork from real artists from around the world, along with the unique textures and models native to Meta, Zero Gallery Village is definately a place to add to your teleport list. Once you visit it, you will see why I named it Meta's Site of the Month.


Goober King
UTN Web Site

GooberKing's UTN Recommendation
Neverwhere - AW 5181.8n 13822.8e
Neverwhere is a rather large town in terms of size, but has all the elements of a quiet village. You're greeted at the town's center by a bubbling waterfall and some of the best-designed architecture around. Be sure to see all the town has to offer, including the Police and Fire Department buildings, as well as Christay's Estate and Observer Park. And forget about the World's Largest Moon; Neverwhere has the World's Largest Bowling Ball! Discover Neverwhere today!


Web Site

AWCOMREG's Recommendation
AW Community Register's Recommendation AWTeen, a fun world for teens to build. They have AWPaintball, LaserTag and Pokémon. Great place to be for entertainment and friends!


AWTeen's Web Site

AWTeen's Recommendation
AWTeen's core/public meeting places and offices at AWTeen 200n 700e. The entire area is a large town that Cahalane plans to give lots away in to the public (it hasn't been named yet, unfortunately.) Kmissile583K did most of the building for the area (though others helped), and Cahalane (AWTeen's first teen caretaker) plans for this town to be the central city of the world and will be giving away lots.



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