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How Cool A 3. 0 World Can You Create?

Are you a world owner who has been playing with all the new features that 3.0 has to offer? Think you could build the quintessential 3.0 world? Maybe even one that would be great for public building? Well, then show us your stuff!

During August and September we will be running a contest encouraging the development of new and unique 3.0 objects and content - the requirements are simple:

  • Be creative
  • Be clever
  • Be unique

We want to see worlds with features and objects that no one has ever seen before - not just interesting building using the standard AW or AWUniv objects (you can include them if you need to - but we'd like to see you strut your stuff like the cool worlds Quilt and Absence).

If you are interested in participating in this contest - please send an email to Note: Participant Registration Ends August 15th

Please include:

  • Citizen Name
  • Citizen Number
  • World Name
    (if you are not presently a world owner, and would like to participate we will be making a limited number (10) of temporary worlds available on a first come first served basis- so please include the words I NEED A WORLD in your email or you might not get one ) Sorry - we have now exceeded our allotment of temporary worlds for this contest.

The worlds will be judged by the AWCOM staff for creativity, technical savvy (like ease of load and download time), and uniqueness! We'll be offering a very cool surprise grand prize for the best world and runners up will receive a P-30 with 10 users for 6 months or a 6 month extension to their existing world subscription.



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