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Reunion - 2003

Courtesy of CabLecar GaL

Asheville North Carolinia Active Worlds Reunion-2003
Hosted by Cablecar Gal
August 14th-17th, 2003

Time is running out ... we are one month closer to the most exciting event of 2003....

The North Carolina AW Reunion

Get your reservation in now for your hotel suite at the Comfort Inn of Asheville.

All hotel suites must be reserved by July 13th to assure you a suite. So make that call now.

Also reunion fees must be into me no later then July 13th.

An interesting fact about Asheville:

Film makers have been attracted to Asheville for many years. Films such as Dirty Dancing, Patch Adams, Forest Gump, My Fellow Americans, Forces of Nature, and parts of the Fugitive including the awesome train crash scene.

Coming to Asheville?

Some events planed for the reunion:

A day at the Cherokee Indian Reservation & Village.

Try your luck at Harrah’s Indian Casino you just might go home a winner.

Better bring a towel because we’re going to be jumping for joy in Lake Lure on Friday afternoon and having our selves a BBQ at the Lake Lure Marina and Park.

You don't have to get wet to have fun at the reunion. You can sit back and catch the sun and snooze on the beach until dinner time.

Experience first hand the unique beauty of Lake Lure. All from your luxurious seat aboard one the lakes spacious covered boats.

This lake is called one of the most spectacular in the world. Our cruise Friday evening will take us by the filming site for Dirty Dancing and past acres and acres of natural beauty.

These are just a few of the events that are planned for the reunion. Hope you will join me in Asheville this summer for what I am sure will be a wonderful event for all. It's been said many times before there is nothing like an Active Worlds reunion.

Isn't it time that you think about taking a vacation? Unwind, relax, and have some fun..

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in Asheville.

Look out Asheville, ActiveWorlds is coming!

This reunion is dedicated in memory of Skyee

Note: Users attending this event do so at their own risk. Activeworlds Inc. is not sponsoring nor is directly related to this event.


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