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Cy Awards 2003

Courtesy of AlphaBit Phalpha

Dear Activeworlds Community,

The Cy Awards Calendar is now available on the Cy Home Page link at We are still working on the procedures and restructuring.

September is Cy Month:) If you are interested in hosting an event in your world or at your coords during that month, please email us at with all the information. Daphne has already planned a special Cy Bingo for September 27th which we are sure will be fun for all! First come first serve on dates. Activities like dances, games, poetry recitals, plays, etc would be fun things to do:) If you are planning on doing any prize type events, that will be your responsibilty to furnish them. All events need to be acceptable for all ages and hosted in a world acceptable for all ages. Let's get that calendar filled with a fun 30 days of happenings folks!:)

Thank you for your wonderful support of your Cys:)

The Cy Team


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