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AW Monthly Building Contest

Think you have what it takes to be crowned the "Best Builder" in Active Worlds? Well then, we have just the contest for you!

Beginning July 1, we will have a monthly building contest in AWCntest. Each month's contest will vary, from different themes, to only using particular objects, etc. Contestants will have until the 24th of each month to complete their entry. At that time, voting will be opened up to the community in AWCntest, and you, the community, will vote on who you feel deserves to be crowned "Active Worlds Builder of the Month"!

In addition to being crowned "Active Worlds Builder of the Month", winners will have their name and title placed at the Gate gz and AW gz, and be featured in the next month's AW Newsletter. Monthly winners also qualify to build in the Grand Building Contest held every 6 months, where the grand prize winner will receive a P-30/10 with hosting for 6 months.

Ready to get started? Complete the registration form below to reserve your building contest plot of land in AWCntest now! Building will commence on July 1. Stop into AWCntest for complete rules and information.

Citizen name:

Citizen number:

Email address:


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