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AWUniversity News

Courtesy of Elyk

AWUniversity will be attempting to get active again within the next few months, by updating to 3.4 features, rebuilding, and starting fresh. We will be having newer, more advanced and updated courses for study and many events on the way. AWUniversity will be teaching the following courses:

  • Advanced Building (create name, create sound/noise/light, astart/astop/adone, etc.)
  • RWX Modelling (creating objects using RWX)
  • CT/World Running/Graphic Arts (Caretaking, Running a World, Paintshop Pro and HTML Classes.)
  • TrueSpace Classes (Teacher must be able to teach how to create, paint, save and upload an object.)
  • AWTech (Avatar making, Bots courses 'xelagot, preston, nestor etc..') We are currently in need of teachers for these courses and will be posting an application form by July for anyone interested in helping with AWU.

AWUniversity will be coming up with new ideas, events and community activities in the future and will be a more Community-related world for newcomers and citizens willing to learn more about ActiveWorlds and more advanced situations. We will begin renovation as soon as possible and plans to be done before the end of August. Any help will be appreciated and the more teachers, the better. If you would like to help out in any way, please telegram or email Elyk at for details.


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