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Courtesy of AWEC

Spring Into Summer Fun With AWEC

Spring Into Summer Fun With AWEC! It's heating up in AWCC world. Dance away your cares, have a dip in the pool and maybe win a cool prize! Come join us for some Summer Fun in AWCC world on June 21st. The party will last all day! Don't worry, we'll provide the sun screen!

AW Festival Theme Contest Winners

The AWEC team would like to thank all of you who participated in April's Theme Contest. We knew we could count on you to come up with some wonderful ideas for this very special event. It was not an easy choice to make. After reviewing each of the submissions, we decided on a theme that represented EVERYONE in the Activeworlds Community. This theme attests to how amazingly unique our community is. The theme for AW Festival 2003 is "Diversity", submitted by Berdasha. Her email went on to eloquently explain why she chose this theme.

"AW has changed a lot in the almost year and a half I've been here, and I can only imagine how much it has changed from its beginnings. The theme I chose suggests not only diversity in the citizens of AW: age ranges from 5 yr olds to grandparents; women and men, varied and rich lifestyles, and ethnicities from across the world's spectrum - but also the diversity in what has been created here since AW first opened.

The scope of building, community efforts and events has truly grown into something wonderful and amazing - from the grassroots of individual builds, to towns and cities, citizen's 3D pages and worlds, and into the blossoming of official AW worlds, services and application that has grown to encompass all of this - and allow us to share our own unique vision of who we are."

Berdasha has won a P-10/5 World(hosting not included) for 3 months. Congratulations Berdasha!

The runner up in the AW Festival Theme contest was submitted by Nevik. His theme was "AW, The Past Through Tomorrow". We really loved this idea as well. The idea encompasses AW's amazing past and even more amazing future with a focus on the Community that makes Activeworlds what it is. Nevik has won an one month citizen extension. Thank you Nevik, for sharing such a wonderful idea!

AWEC Opportunities

The people at AWEC want to bring you many fun events in which to participate. If you have any events you would like us to sponsor, please let us know. Just check out our Events Registration site! Make sure to get your events registered with us in order to be eligible to participate in the AWEC Awards, which will be held in January. The award will be given to the Best Event of the Year, which your fellow Activeworlds citizens will vote on!

If you would like to be part of the AWEC team and help provide fun and entertainment for the Activeworlds community, please let us know! We will be needing Greeters for the upcoming Festival 2003 in July. An award is given to our most outstanding Greeter! Just fill out an application online at our AWEC Application site. A representative from AWEC will contact you for an interview.

In addition to our online sites, AWEC is happy to offer MONTHLY PRIZES! By participating in AWEC events you will be eligible to win a one month citizenship extension, email addresses and a P-10/5 world without hosting. So keep an eye on the AWEC News, where we will announce which events will have what prizes.

Don't forget to check out all the new Bingo events, as well as AWTeen Trivia listed on the AWEC Calendar!

- Meranna AWEC Webmaster / Newsletter Director, and the Team at AWEC


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