Current edition: Vol.6, No.6, June 2003

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AWTrivia Returns!

Courtesy of Daphne

How many little-known facts are floating around in your mind??? How good are you at calling them up on demand??? The brightest people are able to... Want to see how good you are at it and best your peers in doing so???

Get the recognition your sharp mind entitles you to and come play Trivia with us in AWTrivia world!!!

Yes, AWTrivia is starting up again on Wednesday, June 11 at 7pm VRT. Come show all of us how smart you are!!!

Each week winner's names will be posted on signs in AWTrivia world and at AWGate and AW gz. Every month the weekly winner's names will also be posted in an article in the AW Newsletter!

The smartest of the smart will earn prizes!!! Once every three months there will be tournaments for the weekly winners to participate in and at those games there will be prizes offered from AWI and possibly from others... So, come and compete with AW's brightest and not only get your name "in lights" but win prizes too!!!


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