Current edition: Vol.6, No.6, June 2003

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Welcome to Who's Who in Activeworlds


Courtesy of AlphaBit Phalpha

June 2003

Anubis GK

About 3 months ago now. I started out as a tourist, but after hanging about for around a week, I decided that I liked it here, so I became a citizen!*Laughs* AWrpg knows me all to well though. ;)"

I found out about it through the standard search engine, Yahoo. Bored one day, and I wanted a new chatting experence, and wound up here!

When I asked Anubis GK what he spent most his time in AW doing he replied "Building *points behind him* and role playing in AWrpg!
*Laughs* This is my first real build, so here would have to be that answer! Morroc World."

His reply to his favorite website.....
"Aye,! All the resources you need to start building are right there, if it weren't for the help menu, I would be LONG lost by now!"

When asked what he enjoyed most in AW he replied.....
*Grabs Night and gives him a noogy* This guy! And all the rest of my buddies here!

His hobby in real life is ..."Friends and I'm a people person. =P...Building models! *Laughs* That, and playing at the arcade's with my usual crowd."
Hmmmm, I like desert's. =P

When asked what would his one wish that could be granted would be...."One wish??? To have my bills paid off!"

And his reply regarding the one thing he would love to do in IRL....."Go bungee jumping!...I'm easy to please. =P"

From Anubis GK.......
Aye, to all the builder's out there, keep up the hard work!! Along with the staff of AW, you guys do a killer job! ^_-

Night Power

Around 97, As a tourist. I was in awe at the program, quite new to the internet.

A friend of mine had it as a tourist, so I got it when I hit the net.

What Night Power enjoys most in AW is... "Building or Talking. Two best things. Hehe."

Night Power would like to invite you to visit his build in AWTeen 323.87S 2220.34E 0.04a 180.

When asked what he enjoys most in AW...his reply...
"Hmm..I'd have to say everything that it offers. Bots, Objects, Building, Chatting, playing, so much to do. Never get bored."

Night Power's reply to IRL hobbys was....
"I like Baseball..yea...And gaming, Fishing a bit, but the games..haha.

His one wish if granted was....

"I'd have to say I'd wish for peace on earth!! Oh wait..this isn't Ms America...hrmm...I'd wish for everyone to have a sense of humor."

And if he could do one thing in life it would be sky diving....yikes!


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