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Citizen Vote - World of the Month

Sixty worlds were nominated. Hundreds and hundreds of votes poured in, and the competition was very close!

The top contenders for this month's Citizen Awarded World of the Month were A!!CT, Amigos3, AWRPG, Blupearl and Mutation. Each of these worlds have a large supportive community, and are definitely worth a visit if you haven't checked them out yet.

After all of the votes were tallied, one world emerged the winner. And the qualifying world that received the most number of individual citizen votes for World of the Month is...


Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to the success of AWRPG: Poseidon, Lady Murasaki, Robbie, Magine, Wizard24, Mike Zimmer, Allen Iverson, Jstone2004, Jorjia, Xaira, Keeter, Light Form, Phyren..!

The qualifying world that receives the most nominations each month will be featured in the next month's AW Newsletter and on signs in AWGate and AlphaWorld. The winning world will also be tourist enabled for the month. In order to qualify, the world nominated must be G, PG or PG-13 rated.

Each citizen is allowed to submit one nomination per month for the World of the Month. Duplicate and/or incomplete entries will be deleted. The deadline for submitting nominations is the last day of the month. Spread the word and make sure that your favorite world is being voted for. Simply fill out the form below to submit your nomination!

Activeworlds Inc. is not responsible for the content in any of the worlds. Users are solely responsible for their properties, and everything contained in their own worlds. Activeworlds Inc. does not verify, endorse or otherwise vouch for the contents of any world.

Stay tuned to the next AWNewsletter to see which world was bestowed with the high honor of being recognized and appreciated by the citizens of Active Worlds and deemed "World of the Month"!


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World name:

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