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The Great Yellow Halloween Ball

Over 90 people attended The Yellow Halloween Ball which was held in the old Echo Meadow, between the cemetery and the haunted house, just outside Admiratio Village in Yellow. It was very wild affair, with people dressing up, or morphing into their favourite critters for the event. PKToons supplied the music, with Class3 and Veger doing stints as DJs throughout the night. Along with the dancing, people could wander into the graveyard, the crypts, into the haunted house, or take a risk in getting to the end of the Hare Dare Maze. All this was observed by a variety of not so celestial entities, such as a variety of ghosts, zombies, demons, and other creatures.

Yellow Halloween Ball

To make the night even more interesting, Apooka and Ozman organised two contests, with prizes of citizenship extensions for the winners. "Find this guy" said the sign. People had to explore the whole site to try to find Rufus Fuzzybottom, who was wearing a Ghostbusters costume (most appropriate for the event). A large number of people had really put a lot of effort into their costumes, and according to the judges, an extremely difficult contest to judge.

In the Gazette:

We feature more tips on building, this time a review of all the details available in the Object Properties Box and how they can help in building. Nellie has more interesting plants to share for those with a botanical bent. The Builds of the Month will feature a number of fine builders throughout AW this time. And the mishaps of Theo Fuzzybottom just keep happening. Read his tale of misadventures and woes in the November edition.

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