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Peacekeeper Tips

Peacekeeper Tips

On Claiming Land

The most important thing you can do to protect your land when building in any of the world's in the Active Worlds universe is to cover your land before you begin your project. Covering your land is nothing more than placing objects that fit exactly together thereby preventing anyone else from building on your chosen spot. It is vitally important to ensure that all of the land pieces you choose to use fit exactly. It is strongly recommended that you do not use the shift key when one placing land objects. If you use the shift key there's a good possibility you will leave a gap that could be used by a vandal.

Also know that the axis position determines which cell the object applies against, and the original size of the object determines how much it covers. The scale command is not an effective way to place a claim. You only get credit for the actual size. It is better if you choose large square objects instead.

In this picture you can see three objects. The smallest is two meters shy of a full cell. The second exactly fills the cell and the last, the road8, fills a shade more than four cells. Rapid covering is optimum with objects like landa or road8.

Hidden Ground Cover

Sometimes you may not want your build to show the land pieces used to claim the land. An effective way to lay claim is to simply place the objects below the surface. The cell structure in Active Worlds is oriented up and down not side to side therefore it doesn't matter at what altitude above or below ground you place your objects in order to affect the claim.

This is an example of covering below ground level. You would not see the covering from above, but no one but you can build over it. Notice that the larger object is associated with only one cell while providing coverage for four squares. This is because it is a large un-scaled object.

Covering your land is easy and it can save you significant heartache and a visit from the garbage elimination team which is capable of fixing vandalism when it occurs. Peacekeepers prefer to correct the problem before it starts therefore if you claim your land ahead of time you should not be bothered by any of the problems associated with vandalism.

Getting Help with Vandalism

If your property or project is in one of the patrolled worlds you may request removal of the offending objects by applying to the Garbage Elimination Team at this address:

When you fill out the form be sure to be as complete as you possibly can because the Peacekeepers may not be able to identify all of the problem objects at your build. If you need help please don't hesitate to contact a Peacekeeper.

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