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AWReunion Gratitude Party

Citizens say thank you to AWReunion Staff

AWReunion Gratitude Party

Wow! What can I say about this event??

The AWReunion brought so many together. This idea was created by Stacee at AWI. It took on a life of its own. NurseMom, Ski, Bach Zhaa, CAnn, Ohioman, tunablues and dreamer2 took on the job to make it all happen. Wonders how much sleep you all got? lol I loved my time in there. So a big thank you from me.

A week ago I was approached by AnnBurger about an idea she had. She wanted to do something special for AWReunion Staff. What a great idea! I asked Ann why she wanted to do this.

From Ann

I feel that they need to feel the gratitude for what they did in AWReunion. They did things for us all the time in AWReunion for parties and helping us in building. For that reason I feel they just need a thank you from all of us for their help and we love them all.

Soooo!! Ann would like to have a party to thank everyone for their time and effort and humour. That made AWReunion world the place we all loved to get together in. How do you thank those that make it all so much fun and work so hard for us? Well you can thank them by joining us at this party ;-). All about people and atmosphere. AWReunion had that big time.

Join us all at Fishbones Club in AWSchool 137N 143W

December 11th 6pm VRT

Music provided by PKToons Radio and their great DJs

Party time!

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