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Winter Sights to See Build-a-thon

As the weather starts to change we love to explore the universe and find seasonal builds that give us that warm feeling, a rich excitement you don't always get with other builds.

We haven't seen as many new seasonal and holiday builds in recent years, so it's time for a building stimulus!

Harvest Festival

Help us fill the December AWNewsletter with magical sights.

Create a winter or holiday themed build or world - any place and style of your choice - and submit it to with the subject "Winter Sight to See."

From the places you show us, we'll pick five to showcase in our Sights to See column, one to use as a Mystery Location (this has to be in an AWI-owned world), and one for the header art.

To give you time to get into the holiday spirit, we will publish the December newsletter on the 10th. Entries will be accepted until December 9.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our December issue archives:


Here's what will be awarded to entries featured in the December AWNewsletter.

Header Art (One)

Choice of 12 month P30/5 world or 12 months citizenship
(Can be applied to an existing citizenship or world P30/5 or smaller)

+ $50 Gift Card: Treat yourself to something nice for the holidays!

Mystery Location (One)

6 months citizenship
(Can be applied to existing citizenship)

Sight to See (One of five)

4 months citizenship
(Can be applied to existing citizenship)


  • You must allow visitors, so people (including the newsletter editor) can visit your place, after you submit your entry and through the month of December.
  • One prize will be awarded to each entry featured in the newsletter, making this event best for individuals, but group collaborations are acceptable. You will need to split the prize among your participants.
  • The AWNewsletter will not provide structure or guidance during this event. You build what you want, where you want. Your build or world need only reflect a winter or holiday theme, suitable for use in the December AWNewsletter. The goal is to inspire a variety of new places throughout our universe rather than builds isolated in a certain area.

The AWNewsletter wants your feedback! Send comments and suggestions to:

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or have a project you would like to share with the community through this newsletter, please contact us ( to find out more about participating.

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