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A V A T A R S 2 0 0 0 Cyberspace for a new Millennium

The Contact Consortium presents its Fifth Annual Conference:

A V A T A R S 2 0 0 0
Cyberspace for a new Millennium
(together with VLearn3D 2000)
Oct 14-15, 2000

Details forthcoming at:
List sign up at:

This year the Contact Consortium takes you into space.. Cyberspace! For the fifth year, the Consortium gathers together the growing global Avatar Cyberspace community for its annual event held both in-world and in-person in multiple "nodes" Earthwide.

On the weekend of October 14-15 set your teleport to beam you up to our fabulous orbiting cyberspacestation.

Our decks will be host to a huge array of live events, such as:

  • Live Speakers in "virtual discussion rooms"
  • The Orbital Art Show
  • Cybertradeshow Decks with exhibits
  • Webcam Portals looking at views Earthside
  • Scotty Beam Me Av to worlds in our grand solar system
  • The ever popular Avvy Awards
  • Evening Float-O-Rama as we blow the hatch and everyone parties in Zero G costumed in the Avvy winners

Saturday Oct 14: AV2000 events in support of VLearn3D 2000, the Consortium's second conference on virtual worlds in learning
Sunday Oct 15: AV2000 full day, all areas open, Avvy Awards in the evening.

Come Orbit with us and be a part of Cyberspace for a New Millennium!

Direct Contact: Windancer:



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