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Vol.3, No. 9, Sept. 2000

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Tips and Tricks

Courtesy of kellee

Quick answers to some frequent questions at AWSchool

student =" why dosent my walls and walks fit together i always have some sticking out"

teacher=" try using matching walks and walls remember that there are different size groups some are 8 or a multiple of, and some are ten or a muliple of,......if you mix them up its a lot harder to match them up... and NEVER use Shift on walls, walks and floors "

student=" why shouldn't I use shift on walls, walks and floors ?"

teacher=" Because when you use objects of a standard size, for instance, say you where using 16 wide panels and 16 wide walks.....using shift would result in them not fitting togther and overlapping edges. If you only use whole clicks and never use shift.... they will always come out just right on walls, and walks and yes roofs too"

student=" yeah but using shift covers up those gaps that you get in the roof and panels"

teacher= its not worth it, those gaps are unavoidable and using shift to cover them up results in a laggy unattractive build. You are better off using a ceiling under your roof and walls, instead of panels if it bugs you"

student="How can overlapping create lag?"

teacher = " Its called z-buffering.....that shimmer of texture movement you get when you overlap .... you've seen it? its a result of your computer struggling to show both textures at once, which it cant.... and creating lag with its indecision"

student=" so what is shift good for?" teacher=" Shift is great for moving objects such as pictures a small distance away from your walls so that they don't z-buffer from the other side at a distance...( I recommend 2-3 shift clicks) and for rearranging your furniture to give it that homey look a twitch there a twitch here :o)) and also very good for making your gardens look more natural.... just stay away from it on walls and walks and roofs"

kellee is an active member of the AWSchool and AWUniv team, and has a great texture yard at AW 1379.7N 1853.6W 0.0a 110. To find out more about building - from basic to advanced visit these worlds:




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