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The United States/World Federation

Courtesy of Anduin Lothar

The All new federation or worlds which provides a great currency system using Virtual Reality Money which you can spend and make in all the worlds/towns joined up in a variety of ways, like getting a job would make you money, renting an apartment to live in, buying objects, avatars in shops or in auctions. Playing Lotto and Trivia. All these are just a small percentage of what the USWF Offers. And as more worlds and towns/city's join up, more things become available to everyone and the funner it gets. Currently having over 60 members and 4 worlds and 1 AW City the USWF has been running for nearly 2 months now. We also have USWF Peace Keepers which help by monitoring all of the worlds/towns joined up by making sure no vandalism, strong cussing, stolen accounts, bad citizen names are not used throughout the AW Universe.

How do we keep track of our currency? Well of course, RoboSonic the all fantastic Xalegot Scripter made us a script (we give him full credit) which enables citizens of AW to create accounts, transfer money to people, change their pin numbers, view their balances from all worlds joined up. As all worlds have a client bot which connects onto our 24 hours 7 days a week mainframe hosted by another great member, ChuckBucket. The scripts get updated by RoboSonic as soon as new ideas pop into his very busy head and uploaded through FTP for updates done straight away! And yes, everyones accoutns are fully secure, no one can check anyone elses accounts unless they are logged into their citizen number and Tourists unfortunately may not create accounts as some citizen do get quiet smart in creating various accounts and transferinng money to themselves, lol 8^D

Now not only is the USWF all this technical stuff but also a fun community to come to. The USWF Head Quarters world is called "LoRD" which welcomes all to enter. Lord is currently on a classic PS8XE server, but is getting updated to a P-20/20 very shortly. And yes it's also hosted 24 hours 7 days a week, on a T1 server by an "anonymous" citizen for a number of reasons hehe.



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