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Vol.3, No. 9, Sept. 2000

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AW Tech Support Tip Of The Month

Cache Corruption

Have you noticed that a world you regularly visit suddenly looks strange? Triangles where you swore you once saw some flowers or a bench? Or some of the trees and the flowers have black or white backgrounds around them? It could just be that the cache folder for that world has become corrupted. Not to worry, it is an easy fix you can do yourself!

  1. Close Active Worlds
  2. Go to START on the WINDOWS Task Bar
  4. Browse your C Drive (or the drive where you have installed Active Worlds) until you come across the directory called Active Worlds. Double click on it to open it.
  5. Inside this folder you will see a folder called CACHE.

Here you have TWO CHOICES -

I'm Not So Sure What I Am Doing Option
  1. Select the folder called CACHE and choose DELETE from the Windows Tool Bar.
  2. Close Windows Explorer, and restart Active Worlds. Return to the world you were having problems with, and redownload the world. This should solve your problem!

    Note: This option will mean that you are deleting all the cached objects and files for all the worlds you have visited, and you will have to redownload all the worlds again.

I'm Brave Option
  1. Double click on the cache folder to open it. Inside of which you will find 2 folders: art and property.
  2. Double click on the art folder to open it. Inside you will find a series of folders that have the names of the object paths of the worlds you have been visiting. Some of the paths will give you a hint of what world they are for - like for Alpha World the path is
  3. If you recognize the name of the object path for the world you are having problems with - select that folder, and choose DELETE from the WINDOWS TOOL BAR.
  4. Close Windows Explorer and restart Active Worlds - go back to the world, and redownload the world. This should solve your problem!

If this handy, helpful tip does not do the trick, then send an email to with details of your problem and the world you are having trouble with for additional help.



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