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Get To Know Your Neighbors!

We think it would be great if everyone got a chance to get to know some of the volunteers in the community, and to find out why they love AW so much. This month we're highlighting the Gatekeeper of the Month, Marina42 o, and the Metatropolis Public Liaison (MPL) of the Month, Time Traveler..

If there's a volunteer you'd like to see us highlight, let us know!

Meet Marina42 o

My time in AW has been since 1998. The very first day I came in here MsMeeple and Just Nick were the people I talked with. I had been in for about 5min and decided to be a citizen. Since that first day the majority of ppl have been really helpful and nice to me. So I joined the GK program at MsMeeples request about a year ago. I enjoy helping "newbies" and I met my future Husband in here. I want to say Ive recently been through alot and with out my friends here in AW I dont think I would of made it where I am today. Im 44, going through the change, mother of two wonderful grown up kids and with the man I love now. What more could I want .

I hope to see you all at the gate. Thank you again.

Meet Time Traveler

This has been my user name since November 7 1996 when I entered a virtual world for the first time. The world was Worldsaway and it was on Compuserve at the time. I had to twist the spelling around because someone else had locked up the name Time Traveler (Later I learned the person did not use that avatar at all ).

I first became enterested in Active Worlds after seeing a Cnet central piece on it. IT looked great so I decided to try it out. I first signed on with AOL hopeing it would be a good ISP. It was not. They blocked access with Active Worlds. And still do so I am told. So after about 5 days I dumped AOL and signed up with Sprynet. They were a good ISP. (Got ate up by Mindspring). I remember the first time I logged into Active Worlds on Sprynet. I went in so fast I did not realize that I was in until I started seeing other avatars. I logged out and back on again just to make sure I could do so.

During my first year (Which started for Active Worlds, in December 1996) I just wandered around exploring Alpha World and Metatropolis. Then I went to the Christian World. This was a small building world. I finally built a house and an office tower in 1997. Then I had to have major Back surgery. And right after I got out, I discovered that they had just opened up Metatropolis to building. So I entered and followed Douglas Road till it ended, Then I added to this road, my first building project in Metatropolis, to about the 252N 50W line. Then I went west building the first links in Time Travlers Road till I got to 252N 90W. Then one at a time, I laid out the first section of City of Time. This took me almost 3 hours to do so then I had a large area about 50 by 50 laid out. Then I began building skyscrapers. And that was how I started building in Metatropolis.

Right now, City of Time is about 300 by 300 and I have added roads to several sections of Metatropolis. I built these roads to help people explore metatropolis. I have also noticed that many builders are extremely talliented and that there are many fine examples of good building in Metatropolis.

For anyone who would still like to build in Metatropolis. There is open spaces above the 700N and S line and beyond 500 W and E. I do hope some day that Metatropolis becomes just as large as Alpha World.

And that is a little about me. I am also a part of Metrocorp and am an MPL

Time Travler
Founder of City of Time, City of Forever, Joyful Pilgrim City, Grandparent City and Ayla's Village



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