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Announcement: We're looking for a correspondant to represent the community in Yellow each month in the newsletter. If you're interested in applying for the position, please send an email to tellin' us why you love Yellow :)

M u n k u y
AWHS Web Site

M u n k u y's Historical Recommendation
This month I'll be featuring something a little different... Yes, its historic, ofcourse, but not a building or site as usual. It's one single object (actually two, if you count the one next to it). Why is this object so special? Well, it's the oldest object in AW (atleast that I've been able to find, and I have looked pretty hard!). Dating July 14, 1995 @ 8:52 PM, it was placed by citizen no. 1 (who was Protagonist at the time). It's a street2.rwx object @ 8N 0E, so you've probably seen it before and just never knew.

This is NOT however, the first object in AW, as some may have been thinking. Rather, it's what's left-over from a time when the GZ square was considerably smaller. From what I get from sources such as grover, Dataman, and such... the "asteroid" which destroyed all the buildings in AW before citizenship came along somewhere around the 9th of July in 1995. During the few days after, many buildings sprung up around the immediate GZ area (The main GZ square only went out about 28m each direction at the time). In January of 1996 though, the GZ square was dramatically expanded to it's current size, so the buildings in the area that were build very early on (and were consequently older than this particular object) were demolished, as well as the streets that ran through them. So this object just happened to be the closest one that missed the chopping block.

Well, that's the story as near as I can get it in a fairly short column. So take a walk over to 8N 0E, and look at the oldest object in AW (If you ever do find an older one though, be sure to tell me)... ;)


Atlantis World Page

Caring's Atlantis Recommendation
Atlantean Sailors Return Temple
Atlantis 60.0n 332.0w 0.1a 0
Built by Sony1 - there are some large amazing builds here - make sure to look up as well as forward.



Mars World Page

Canopus' Mars Recommendation
The largest city on Mars is called MarsCity, and it is very large indeed: hotels, sports arenas, office buildings, skyscraper residential buildings, police stations, factories, water utility, television studios, underground mines, temples, amusement parks, tramways, greenhouse gardens, even a great hall for the assembled regional leaders of Mars. MarsCity is wonderfully planned and built almost entirely by Ether, who located it in a large crater within the Solis Basin, a remote but resource-rich area of the Southern Highlands.

The nearest spaceport is Valles Marineris (30s 855e 9a); take the Melis Rift Railway to its terminus (76.5s 860e 180), cross the Rift Valley and the Melis Reservoir to reach the Valles Marineris Station of the Sinai-Solis Railway (95.3s 859e 1.5a 100), for Express Trains to the Tourist Center at the heart of MarsCity (222s 775.5e 135). There is so much to see here, you'll never be able to do it all in one day.


MPL Cybernome
COFMeta World Page
COFMeta's Newsletter

MPL Cybernome's COFMeta Recommendation
Throughout my travels through Meta, I have run across many places that really stand out. whether it's from the architectural design of a place or just the layout and texturing of buidlings, Meta has many sites that really deserve attention. This time, I have run across a city that cuts the cake in dazzling appearance. Midnight Bay, a product of Canopus, who is also our Mars Expert, is a wonderfully done city filled with many skyscrapers, colorful structures, and even a massive river. It is also built on a giant hill which makes exploring a sheer delight. If you're into night time in big cities, this one is a must see! Scaled quite large, Midnight Bay is one of the largest places in Meta to explore and is definitely worthy of a look see. The city is located at COFMeta 333.0s 444.0e -0.0a 197. If I was Siskel and Ebert, I would have to give Midnight Bay two thumbs up and a smile 8 - )


Goober King
UTN Web Site

GooberKing's UTN Recommendation
Vilna - AW 913.6N 5080.8E 100

Some call it ugly. Some call it weird. Some call it art. The owner calls it "biocentric". Whatever you call it, it's definitely not your average town! This vast stretch of country paths is the perfect definition of "out in the wild". Farm animals freely roam the streets and it contains some of the most unique uses for textures you'll ever see in AW. You can go to Vilna Farm for all your produce needs, or check out the Lake of Fire! (it's not what you think) It's the perfect place to get away from it all. Ya'll come back now, y'hear?


Web Site

AWCOMREG's Recommendation
AW Community Register's Recommendation: SW City
AW 2217s 3610e, SW City has a wonderfully built Ground Zero which grabs your attention right away, making you want to move on and explore! The Ground Zero itself has, North, South, East and West markings on the ground... Fabulous design. They call the Ground Zero the Town Square which is now roughly in the centre. The Town's Court is all the grass outside the walls of Town Square which is like a park.

If you take the SW Main Street it will take you all around the city and to just about all major places. There's also a bus system with bus stops. The best place for touring is the sky lane. About 21 metres up and has glass floors. Or if you have a low performance machine and get lag easily then try the rail road system. It will get you around the city, lag free, fast and of course hands free.

The city even has a cool bot with signs that you can leave messages and comments on and have fun with.

With 270+ Buildings, 48 and Rising residents, 17 Months Old, Self Tour System, Street Names, Address System, Real Estate, AW Info Square, 5 paintball Arena's, 4 sub-communities and more.... You just can't go wrong!!! It's a dream come true with everything you'd expect in life...

AWComreg Journalist,
Anduin Lothar


AWTeen's Web Site

AWTeen's Recommendation
The UFP Arena in AWTeen: awteen 242.2N 697.6E 0.0a 210

The UFP is an Organization which has goals of making Active Worlds a True,United community.We want to end Vandalism and Evilness in AW(such as Gangs).We have Peacekeepers who patrol the UFP Worlds,People can Join with a World or as an Individual,They can Join by contacting Maka or sending him an email at: The Arena is Used for Parties,Events,Meetings,etc....



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