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Avatars.dat Editor

Courtesy of Byte Me

With all the games and bot-based worlds these days, everyone has gone bot crazy when it comes to programs. This is all fine and dandy, but the world owner tools front has become sparse. There are still some great tools out there from people like Andras to help make running a world easier, but still one thing has gone neglected... a program to make editing the avatars.dat as easy as simply pointing and clicking.

This is where I've decided to pickup the slack. I have created a new program dedicate solely to editing the avatars.dat available at This program is a WYSIWYG program designed to edit the avatars.dat. The program is still in it's early alpha stages and may have bugs and is missing some features to make it even easier to use than it is now, but the good news is that it'll edit any avatars.dat and make it easy to use! The program even supports all the new features like the recent flying and swimming gestures and the new autowalk feature.

The program also outputs the minimum amount of data (including comments!) needed for the avatars.dat to exist, this means that by simply opening and resaving an avatars.dat using this program, your file will go down in size by several hundred bytes depending on how poorly written it was before being ran through the editor!

So with features like a simple user interface and file size optimization, why would any world owner want to pass up such a great chance to make their lives easier? So join other worlds ,like the ever-so popular AWPRG, today and give this program a try!

Please note: This is an unofficial user site not affiliated with Activeworlds, Inc. We recommend using caution when downloading files and making sure they are from a trusted source.


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