Current edition: Vol.7, No.6, June 2004

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AWUniversity News

Courtesy of Elyk


AWUniversity Advanced Building Contests

The AWUniversity AB Contests are back! The contests will run twice a year. One in July and one in January. July's contest is coming up!! The contest will begin on the 25th of July and will run until August 15th. Here is how the contest will be setup:

July 11 - Applications for the contest will be taken in until the 25th. To apply to be in the contest, you can fill out the application at
(Note: Applications will ONLY be accepted from July 11 -July 25).

July 25 - Building contest begins in AWUnivAB world. The contest will run 3 weeks and will end on the 15th of August.

August 15 - Building contest ends, voting begins. The voting for these contests will be a little different than normal contests. The voting instruction and information page can be found at

August 21 - Voting ends, votes are tallied up and winners are announced that day.

Prizes that will be given out include:

  • 1st place - P-20/20 world for a year
  • 2nd place- Free citizenship for a year
  • 3rd place - 3 month citizenship extension

AWUniversity World Close to Opening

The new AWUniversity world is almost ready to open!! The world is set to open around July 20th. Hopefully many will be able to attend the grand opening of the new world. The old AWUniversity world will be moved to AWUniv2 world as a museum of AWUniversity's history. The new world will be complete with 3.5 features, terrain, skybox, newer objects, and more!! Once again, new teachers are always welcome to join. The teacher application can be found at

For more information on AWUniversity or the AWUnivAB contest you can contact Elyk at or visit the worlds websites:

AWUniversity -

AWUnivAB -


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