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3D Homepage Theme and Toolbar Design Contests

3D Homepage Theme

The contest deadline is fast approaching! It's not too late though! You still have time to submit your entry and WIN!

How would you like to have your creativity and ingenuity recognized throughout the Active Worlds community? Have an idea for the perfect 3D Homepage theme? If so, this contest is for YOU!

The guidelines are simple - Create a theme that will work within a 10,000 sq ft world and make sure it abides by our content guidelines. Other than that, the sky's the limit! Either existing AW objects or custom made objects may be used. 3D Homepage themes that are currently available for download are Fantasy, Western, Roman, Business, Contemporary, Gallery, SciFi, Atlantis, Egyptian, Nature, Toon, Class, Auditorium, DirtCity and Blank. Complete 3D Homepage information may be located at

The top five winners will each receive a free 3D Homepage for one year, have their theme added to the 3D Homepage download library and receive recognition in the Active Worlds community!

Please submit entry locations, including world name and coordinates, to, subject line: 3DHP Contest. The deadline for entry submissions has been extended to June 30, 2004.

Toolbar Design

One of the awesome new features available in version 3.5 is the ability to have a customized Active Worlds toolbar!

The new toolbar can have many commands available in addition to those traditionally used on the toolbar. The buttons may be used in any order and may be grouped in any manner. Toolbars that are customized for world owners, that correspond with 3D Homepage themes, that reflect hobbies or special interests, that appeal to certain age groups...the possibilities with this new feature are endless!

Detailed information on custom toolbars may be located at:

The top ten winners of the toolbar design contest will have their name, website and toolbar listed and available for download on the Community Resources page.

Please send toobar design submissions to, subject line: Toolbar Contest. The deadline for entry submission is June 30, 2004.

Why are you still sitting there? Get busy! On your mark, get set, GO! :)


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