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Cy Awards 2004

Courtesy of The Cy Awards

Dear Activeworlds Community,

Thank you for attending this years Cy Awards!

If you missed the awards, the winners are:

Building: Architectural Urban Planning and Design
•Ferruccio for Ferruccio's Palace AW 2218.39S 3983.50E 0.92a 180
•Veger for Mars 533N 184W

Design: Environmental Design
•Elysium for Shell World
•cotarr for Leaves World

Design: Innovative Design
•AlexTheMartian for AWTeen 517S 416W 270
•Marilu and Paul for Spice2 World

Design: Object and Texture Design
•Garnet for realistic objects she has created in Garnets World
•InSaNiTy for Love World

Art: Art Themed World
•Lioness for TheBeans World 27S 72E
•Minouche for Nitouche World

Art: Virtual Art Project
•PoLypheme for Lutece World

Avatars: Avatar Development
•Lady Murasaki for AWRpg World Private and special avs all
•SGi for Gollem, SGiDragon, PaintBall male and female, Mech-Veter and Mech-Cobra Avatars in VRSoup World

Community Involvement: Community Groups and Activities
•Lord Fett's Capture The Flag in Heruna world 0n 0w .61a 90
•Milesteg & Ombre for Mutation Worlds o­ngoing rpg game
•The Cy Awards Team!

Community Involvement: Best Community or Town
•MariLLa for Olympe 27s Community Olympe 0n 0w
•OneSummer for Lost Island AW 12530.67S 29240.67W 0.96a 172
•bluebean for TheBeans World
•hicks8 for Phin County AW 251.57N 2874.05w 0.9a 0

Community Involvement: Community Leadership Participation
•Poseidon for AWRPG
•tunablues for Organizing Birthday builds

Technical Enhancements: Bots
•JohnF for the Open Source Bingo Bot at
•Magine for AWRPG main bot, and all of its accompanying bots

Technical Enhancements: Technical Programs
•Andras for MultiZip at

Websites: Active Worlds Themed Web Site
•Heu French, English

Write In:
•VWTV for Best TV Station
•Matt888 for Teengate

Spirit of Cy Awards:
•Mountain Myst

LifeTime Achievement Awards:
•The Real Pops

If you wish to sign our guestbook, it is located at

In the near future, we will be hosting The Cy Star Walk of Fame star placement ceremony, followed with a grand party for all! Please watch this newsletter and for the upcoming date for it.

As always, thank you for your continued support of your Cy Awards:)


The Cy Awards

CYs are CommunitY:)


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