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Renaissance Faire

Courtesy of The Renaissance Faire Staff

Date: July 11 2004
Time: 2pm vrt to 8pm VRT
Location: Awteen 625N 1620W
Prizes: There should be a prize for each competition, but they remain surprises.

The kids and adults over at AWTeen are going back in time to before they were born, WAY before. AWTeen is bringing one popular summertime event back to ActiveWorlds by holding a day long medieval festival, called the AWTeen Renaissance Faire, on July 11.

AWTeen will transform itself on that Sunday into the kingdom of AWTeen, where a King and Queen preside, and regular citizens will become merchants, blacksmiths, peasants, and farmers who will bow down before nobles and ladies. Dozens of AWTeen citizens and volunteers will become members of the AWTeen Kingdom, re-enacting daily life during the Time of New Thinking in European history.

As you walk down the streets, listening to the rustling of merchants selling their goods, head down to the Jester Centre where you will be able to throw Tomatoes at the poor Jester for his bad jokes. Or walk over towards the racing tracks where you will be able to bet on horses*. After that, make your way towards the jousting area where a tournament will be held, you might be lucky enough to be the surviving one. After a hard day of work, you might be able to woe the heart of the Queen with a poetry contest or be able to dance with her at the royal maskerade. There are tons more games planned for this day!

The Era of New Thinking will take over AWTeen on August 11th, from 2pm vrt to 8pm VRT at Awteen 625N 1620W. A cast of over 20 people have already been assembled to give you a truly interactive experience and a great day of fun. So come on over and get ye medieval English ready, and come out to enjoy the great day we have planned for you. It is truly a one-of-a-kind event.

*Other animals might be used instead of horses.


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