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Courtesy of AWEC

AW Festival 2004

It's that time again! Active Worlds is celebrating its 9th Annual Festival! Festival 2004 kicks off on July 9th, in Festival Park in AWCC world, and runs through July 11th.Three fun filled days await you and your friends!

This year's theme is "To the Future and Beyond", a fitting theme with all the recent updates in our ever changing world. Also a nice prelude to some pretty amazing changes to come.

Over the past nine years the Activeworlds Community has evolved from the bare bones programs of 1995, to the cutting edge program we enjoy today. We went from a single world to over 1000 public and privately owned worlds. Our ability to build is made easier and more exciting with each release. Builders in Alpha World can now make their objects move and rotate… coronas make builds glow… and worlds are becoming more and more realistic. You can only imagine what the future may hold. We eagerly await features such as built in voice, streaming video and some day personalized avatars. Not to mention NewAW world with its own special economy and amazing objects! The possibilities are endless!

If you'd like to host and event, please visit our registration site. We can't have a festival, without events, so get busy planning! All event hosts will be entered into a drawing for a cool prize!

AWEC is excited about this year's event and is planning some spectacular surprises and prizes for the community's enjoyment. Without you, there would be no future, so we would like to honor each and every one of you, who make ActiveWorlds what it is today. We hope you will join us as we celebrate 9 years of ActiveWorlds and the ActiveWorlds Community.

For more information, please check out our Festival 2004 website. If you have any additional questions, simply email us at

- Meranna AWEC Co-Director, and the Team at AWEC


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