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This Month in Active Worlds History

Courtesy of OneSummer

This Month in History June 1999

June 27th, 1999 was the public release of AlphaWorld. In this world, which is largest world and so to speak the 'Mother' of the Active Worlds Universe. Most people will learn how to build in this world.

AW Events Committee is initiating the ActiveWorlds Community Festival '99. All communities, groups and individuals were invited to host events all over the Universe.

June 5th, 1999 at 9:00PM VRT in the AWCC, was the 4th round of Cy Awards of Excellence Gala Ceremony.

Historic Hollywood Premiere Takes Place in Active Worlds

May 24th, 1999 saw Active Worlds breaking new ground again with the first ever online virtual movie premiere. In conjunction with the Columbia TriStar Interactive division of Columbia Pictures, a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment, and Centropolis Interactive, hosted the premiere of the recently released The Thirteen Floor film. Over 300 people gathered online from all over the world to chat with premiere attendees including the film's stars Craig Bierko, Vincent D'Onofrio, Gretchen Mol, and Dennis Haysbert; as well as many of entertainment's biggest stars, including Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Will Smith, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Sarah Michelle Geller.

Meet Old Friends And Make New Ones At A Reunion This Summer

There were 50 people who met in real life in Las Vegas, and hundreds more joined in the fun in Active Worlds. The summer of 1999, was the 4th Reunions held worldwide over the July 22-25 weekend.

Reporting for AWHS


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