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The Cy's Were A Glittering Success

Courtesy of AlphaBit Phalpha

Dear Activeworlds Community,

Yet another record was set last Saturday for the Cy Awards........officially 236 attending!!!!....Woooo hooooo! Thank you very much for the great attendance record!:)

All of the excitement in the air!...All the fun times watching each of you as you picked out your formal wear for the evening:) And when each person was presented thier award by our Honored could feel the emotions at an all time high! Awwwww...TechnoZeus...Our Special Honored Guest Speaker...thank you ever so much for coming and sharing all your wonderful thoughts with us:) If this isn't an example of how real activeworlds is to irl life...I dont know what is:)

The winner of the Cy2000 logo "was" a dear "tourist" .....adprtt!!!!!!!!

Thank you AW Community!...thank you Honored Presenters!...thank you Official Greeters!...thank you Cy Comittee!

Definately can't go without thanking AWCom, Inc....for thier gracious contributions that make our Cy Awards possible:)

Congratulations also to all the Nominees....excellent nominations in all categories! And now.....the winners of the April 29th 2000 Cy Awards!!!!!

April 29th, 2000 Cy Recipients

Best Virtual Art Project Award
Belladora for Artists World

Best Environmental Design Award Public Building Worlds
Lady Bunny for AW Teleport Center 20118.2S 6009.5E 0.0a 180

Best Environmental Design in Greater Universe Worlds
Fyrene and Taz Maniac for Fortress World

Best Activities/Events Award
Daphne for CitBingo

Best Community or Town Award
SirQuis for Horizon City in AW 7000S 14000E

Best Activeworlds Website Award
Goober King for

Best Avatar Creation Award
InSaNiTy for roach in mayumi world

Most Innovative Design Award
SweetSuzie and Kanga for AW 377.0N 1037.7E 0.0a 90

Technical Innovation Award
Faber for PrestonBot
Lord Neo for The Machine

Best Object/Texture Award
Seawizard for Aquan

The Spirit of Cy Volunteer Award
kellee -For her dedication and hard work to make the teaching worlds (AWSchool, AWUniv, AWTeen and AWNewbie) excellent places for newcomers to learn building skills.

The Spirit of Cy Volunteer Award
m0e - m0e tirelessly devotes his time to the betterment of the AW Community. Granted that there are some who may not always agree with him none the less the fact remains that m0e is the embodiment

Write In
CHERI o- For her work preparing many birthday sites in AlphaWorld for the gatekeepers and other aw citizens.

The Spirit of Cy Lifetime Achievement Award



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