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Building Tips and Tricks

Courtesy of kellee

Let's Have Fun Building

We all feel frustration when we cant find just the right object to build what we envision, but remember.....we are only confined by our imaginations.

Want a different type of bed to what everyone else has used for years? Think of the AWbjects as weird shaped building blocks. For instance....grandfather clocks make great old fashioned legs for a bed, two table01's make a comparable sized mattress ( complete with spread) etc :o) stools make good pillows.....when sunken into the "mattress"

I found it helps to think of the available objects without their textures, merely as shapes. Now... picture those shapes as sunken,turned, or floating....or even animated with an unusual texture. ( it really helps to become familar with the animate textures)

Building is not about taking a dreser and using it as a dreser,( lol, dont blame me for the incorrect spelling) its about taking that dreser and saying to yourself...mmmmm now how can i use this shape to create what i want? Perhaps poles animated with the gold texture...for an old fashioned brass bed ? maybe even animated with wood to create a vertical blind or the panes in a glass window. Even those " useless" chess objects can be put to some small use.

Picture objects can be used in conjunction with picwalks to create an enviroment that no one in AW has seen:o) so just go for it!!!!

Good luck and happy building :o)

kellee is an active member of the AWSchool and AWUniv team, and has a great texture yard at AW 1379.7N 1853.6W 0.0a 110. To find out more about building - from basic to advanced visit these worlds:




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