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Vol.3, No.5, May 2000

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Recommended Hot Spots


M U N K U Y's Historical Recommendation
LittleBull's Fountain Park, one of the most impressive structures from early AW at aw 136.75S 73.3W 0.05a 270
Foundation Date: September 13, 1995.


Caring's Atlantis Recommendation
Pale's Zone, Sub Base - A "Must See"!
Atlantis 21N 71E 4.5a

note: visibility needs to be at lease 60 meters


Canopus' Mars Recommendation
TheGlance's Decimal City, The best collection of sports, games, & amusement park rides on Mars, plus a lot of fine architecture.

There is a special Decimal Station on the Ma'adim Railway out of Cimmerium Spaceport (Mars 222S 325W 5A). And it looks a lot better when viewed in AW 3.0 under the new directional lighting.

MPL Cybernome

MPL Cybernome's COFMeta Recommendation
It's Time Travlers "City of Time". He's done alot of hard dedicated work in building it and its kinda become a landmark in Meta. Its a city filled with teleports to other Cities and worlds, and large Skyscapers.
COFmeta 252n 90w 90

Editor's Note: This month marks the retirement of one of our favourite columnists, Mauz. For much of the last year she has given us recommendations for our historical site of the month; her suggestions often culled from the vast list of buildings that she keeps on her web site at We own Mauz a huge debt of gratitude for her tireless efforts to document the passage of time in AW, and to share her wealth of knowledge with the community.

Thanks Mauz!



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