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University of Buffalo's New Interactivity Survery for AW

Knowledge Media Lab, University of Buffalo

We are currently researching the effects of different kinds of user interfaces in 3D virtual worlds on usability and sense of presence and embodiment. We have distributed similar surveys to two virtual environments (VEs) where the two VEs have significant user interface differences with respect to avatar control and overall user feedback.

We are looking for trends indicating the kinds of features in a user interface that allow for a greater sense of presence and embodiment. By presence, we are referring to a user's sense of being in another place, sense of being present with other people in that place, and sense of the environment in that place being aware of them. For this study, we are defining embodiment as a user's ability to control their avatar, their awareness of other avatars, and their belief that their avatar is a fair representation of the self in the virtual world.

The results of this survey will hopefully suggest some factors that contribute to immersive end-user experiences within 3D VEs. We plan on publishing our results in appropriate academic conferences and/or journals.

To participate in this survey, please visit



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