Current edition: Vol.6, No.9, September 2003

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Lost Builds?

Courtesy of maki

I'd like to announce a new website that's designed to help you find lost builds. has been transformed into Search Services for the users of Active Worlds, because I found that many citizens had lost builds. Because I was able to help, I wanted to offer it to anyone and everyone.

The website,, is a single page, for easy use, and contains all the information you need to know - and if you still have a question, you can just email me directly. Services are completely free, but may take up to a couple of days depending on amount of requests and your position in the queue - however, with a good broadband connection searching 24/7, lines will move pretty fast.

Click on over to and find your builds today with the convenient form. Expired account? Not sure, but know you have builds out there? We can work with you - email for custom services! Your build's a submission away. Inspired by citizen StarbuckTx for originally requesting on Active Worlds newsgroups. Special thanks to AWI for limits & rights. No affiliation.


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