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Courtesy of AWEC

AW Festival a Huge Success

This year's festival started out with a bang! Over 120 people attended the opening in AWCC world on July 11th. Speakers included: OneSummer and Meranna, AWEC Co-Directors; Brock who represented AWTeen; and AWI's Calpantera, who gave us an extra special surprise.. 3D Axis Rotation in Alpha World!

Tourist and citizens alike participated in the three day event, in an effort to win one of the amazing prizes donated by ActiveWorlds Inc. Thank you AWI! In the end, only 4 of the many participants could walk away with one of the points related prizes. The winners of this year's Festival are:

1st place: (1 year citizenship) Rossyboy
2nd place: (6 month citizenship) Tombz
3rd Place: (3 month citizenship) "Shadow Creature"
4th Place: (1 Month cit & email) Calm Spirit & BlueLazer500

In addition to these prizes, there was an Event Host Drawing. This was to show our appreciation for all the hard work the host's put into making this year's festivities fun for everyone. The winner of a P20/5 World for 3 Months (no hosting) went to: AW Newbie!

We would also like to thank our Greeters, who put in long hours to make sure the visitors to AWCC world had all their questions answered and were directed to the current Festival Events. An extra special thanks goes to Ryan, who received this year's AWEC Festival Greeter Award!

The team at AWEC would like to thank the PeaceKeepers who made themselves available to help with the large numbers of visitors to AWCC world not to mention the extra work required by the tourist access to Alpha World.

To everyone who participated in Festival 2003, thank you!

AWEC Opportunities

The people at AWEC want to bring you many fun events in which to participate. If you have any events you would like us to sponsor, please let us know. Just check out our Events Registration site! Make sure to get your events registered with us in order to be eligible to participate in the AWEC Awards, which will be held in January. The award will be given to the Best Event of the Year, which your fellow Activeworlds citizens will vote on!

If you would like to be part of the AWEC team and help provide fun and entertainment for the Activeworlds community, please let us know! Just fill out an application online at our AWEC Application site. A representative from AWEC will contact you for an interview.

In addition to our online sites, AWEC is happy to offer MONTHLY PRIZES! By participating in AWEC events you will be eligible to win a one month citizenship extension, email addresses and a P-10/5 world without hosting. So keep an eye on the AWEC News, where we will announce which events will have what prizes.

Don't forget to check out all the new Bingo events, as well as AWTeen Trivia listed on the AWEC Calendar!

- Meranna AWEC Co-Director / Webmaster, and the Team at AWEC


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