Current edition: Vol.6, No.9, September 2003

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AWUniversity News

Courtesy of Elyk

The New AWUniversity is going to take more time to be completed than what was previously mentioned, therefore, we will be holding classes in the original AWUniversity until everything is finished, but in order to hold classes, we still need teachers for the following subjects: (subjects we are in most need of teachers for will be marked by an asterisk.)

  • Advanced Building (create name, create sound/noise/light, astart/astop/adone, etc.)
  • RWX Modelling (creating objects using RWX) *
  • CT/World Running/Graphic Arts (Caretaking, Running a World, Paintshop Pro and HTML Classes.) TrueSpace Classes (Teacher must be able to teach how to create, paint, save and upload an object.)
  • AWTech (Avatar making, Bots courses 'xelagot, preston, nestor etc..') *
  • Community Building Courses (Building a GZ, event coordination, advertising, etc) *

In order for AWUniversity to become active again, we are in great need of citizens willing to teach. Applications for citizens willing to help are at this website: We need as many teachers as we can get to make AWU big again!! Please take this into consideration :) If you have any questions regarding AWUniversity, please contact Elyk at


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