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Congratulations To The Recipient Of The Commitment To Education Award

We believe that working hard in school is just as important as playing hard in Active Worlds, and we'd like to encourage all of our school-age users to focus their attention on their school work, broaden their knowledge, apply themselves and get the most out of school. To show our support for exceptionally hard work, we are offering worlds to participants who achieve the best grades each term, and to those who show the greatest improvement each school year.

Please join us in congratulating the 2002/2003 Commitment To Education Recipient:


Congratulations Zeppy! We are very proud of you! Keep up the great work this upcoming school year! In recognition of Zeppy's excellent achievements in school Zeppy will receive a P-50 World with 5 simultaneous citizens.

The 2003/2004 school year is just getting under way. If you would like to participate in the AW Commitment to Education Program, check out the web site for more information.


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