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New 3D Homepage Themes Unveiled

If you haven't checked out 3D Homepages recently, you don't know what you're missing! There are three new themes being added to the extensive 3D Homepage theme library. Whatever your 3D Homepage needs are, we probably have the perfect theme to meet that need. Take a look at our most recent additions:


Perfect for business presentations, awards ceremonies, concerts... just to name a few! This object set is complete with stage, podium, control room, tiered balcony and audience.


Have a class project due? Really knock your teacher's socks off by presenting it in your very own 3D classroom complete with lecturn and attentive audience. For teachers who are interested in setting up online classes, this new theme gives you a head start!

Coming Soon:

Dirt City

You won't want to miss this totally awesome sci-fi meets urban life 3D Homepage theme set! It looks like something taken right out of a science fiction movie/book! "Choose the blue pill and go back to the real world. Choose the red pill and discover where the rabbit hole leads." This graphically stunning 3D Homepage theme set is complete with matrix-style skybox, interactive and animated components, old world hotel, warehouse, movie theater, dark alleys, and a wide range of avatars to choose from - including a leather and sunglasses clad, martial arts expert!


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