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Recommended Hot Spots

This is where you can get tips on places to visit from the "insiders". These correspondents are leaders in their worlds, who take the time to seek out new, exciting, and different places to visit in their worlds. Don't miss a single destination on this list if you want to know what's cool in the AW Universe!

Atlantis World Page

Caring's Atlantis Recommendation

Hi...I'll blow my own horn with the recommendation this month. I don't think I have ever recommended Caring's Hall of Poetry and Passages. It is chock full of 'stuff' that was contributed by people from AW. I think everyone will find it very interesting. And it's located, of course, in Atlantis at 24.0S 58.0E 0.1a 180.


Goober King
UTN Web Site

GooberKing's UTN Recommendation

KAH Town - AW 2221.8s 2142.3e 270

It may not look like much, but KAH Town definitely has its share of surprises. Having been around for almost 2 years now, it's managed to amass a sort of mini-cult status, as well serving as ample testing grounds for KAH latest bots. Along with the giant oogly-face that greets visitors to the West, be sure to also check out the Performing Arts Center (complete with *huge* stadium seating) and probably the only Dentist Office in AW! And don't forget to say "Hi" to the bots! :)


AWHS Web Site

Duskbat's Historical Recommendation

Hello everyone its time again. Today I found a very nice build. This build is so nice I thought of just keeping it to myself but I have to share it. What we have here are some very clean buildings with a very nice inner and outer design. Floor, walls, and everything else in these buildings seems all well planed out and the results are wonderful. I think this is all near R town in AW but I did not really check out the rest of the area where I found these builds I am reporting on. I really love the glass sculptures I found inside the structures here and I know you all will love them too. Samson did a great job here like all of the builders in aw! Keep up the good work everyone :) 2045.90N 1125.87W 0.04a 90 for Samsons work. Remember to check out all the great teleports at 7000s 7000w in alphaworld

Poseidon & Chanty
AWTeen's Web Site

AWTeen's Recommendation

For this months AWTeen Hot-spot, we chose one of AWTeen's most spectacular builds - Capital City. AWTeen's Capital City was founded last year, but unfortunately after a mass vandalism that destroyed half of the city, as well as 80 percent of the ground zero area... the city was abandoned for what was to be a long while.

After months of hard work, a new citizen has stepped onto the scene, and once again turned AWTeen Capital city into something to behold. The Ground Zero area has now been "re-vamped", bots are scattered about to provide excellent games, and there is even a "Bank Bot" which will be the foundation of an all new economic system in the city. Future workers, council members, and residents of the city will eventually even be paid for their efforts and work in the city itself through the "VR Banking" system.

Furthermore, Capital City is the host of many events, some of the events that have been hosted since Jstone2004 stepped in are competitions like the martini scavenger hunt and the picture it competition. Jstone hopes that in the future events will be rewarded with prize VR money, thanks to his banking system.

Not only is the Capital City system a wonder, as is the surrounding ambience of the city. The Ground Zero section is host to "The Gem" which is an excellent use of the new corona features. The individual lots that encompass the city are also very unique - they showcase many of the 3.3 features, such as new lighting (coronas) and the 3d-Axis rotation which is enabled in AWTeen.

You can check out the AWTeen Capital City at: AWTeen 0.2S 1700.0E 0.5a 360


COFMeta World Page
COFMeta's Discussion Group

jupytr's COFMeta Recommendation

Pulse Tube Transport - 200N 325E facing N

An amazing collection of tunnels that warp you to various locations. Check out River City.

Note: Metazins, I still would appreciate your imput for monthly build recommends for the newsletter.


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