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AWTeen July Events

Courtesy of Eric

Aloha readers of this fine publication! July is the beginning of a new age in awteen, the "Era of Community", and to kick it off we have several events to get everyone in the spirit of community, or something good of the sort. Without further hesitation, I present to you July's events in AWTeen.

AWTeen Tourist Day

To welcome tourists back into AWTeen, we are going to have a whole day of festivities dedicated to those grey guests we all know and love, but by the end of the day, they won't be grey anymore! Some of the events lined up include the "Anonymous Masquerade", the "Tourist Dating Game", and even a troupe of tourists calling out the JAM (Just Ask Me) guides to give them their due. Everyone is invited to show up as a tourist and participate, or a citizen to spectate! And don't forget, we'll be giving away some great prizes, including a free 6 month citizenship (or 6 month citizenship extension)! Keep checking the AWTeen Newsgroups (news:// and the AWTeen welcome message for further details on time and location.

Renaissance Faire 2002

Mod is bringing back the Renaissance Faire for another spin in AWTeen, with a whole new storyline and tons of events. Last year was a blast, and this year promises to have even cooler games such as "Find the Vampire" and "Avatar Chess". Dive into interactive renaissance roleplaying with tons of actors playing the various people you might find in the village. You can even be an actor yourself if you act fast enough! This faire will definately be one worth attending. For more details, visit or contact Mod.

Tropical Resort Grand Opening

Night Power will be opening up his new Tropical Resort in AWTeen with a party, an underground maze, and a bunch of other games as well. Drop by and chill for a bit, 'cause it should be fun. For more details keep checking the AWTeen welcome mesasge. :)

Other Events

Even when theres nothing scheduled, AWTeen is constantly playing host to several small events such as Name That Tune, Trivia, and a bunch of other games. The welcome message will post any details regarding these. :)


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