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3.4 Sneak Peek

You heard right! Close on the heels of the release of 3.3 comes version 3.4, now in beta testing! Here's just a glimpse of what's to come:

  • Layered Clouds - This new world option allows world owners to create up to three layers of moving clouds in their world. There are three layers of clouds available for use in your world. Each layer may have its own texture, an (optional) mask, and an opacity.

  • Gradient Sky - This allows world owners to specify seperate colors for areas of the sky and have them blend into each other. This, along with the new "fog color" option replace the original "backdrop color" feature.

  • Fog Color - Fog color can now be controlled independently of the sky colors.

  • Branching Dialogue - World Options and Lights & Fog dialogs have been merged into a new, branching dialog. This new dialog also contains all of the options for controlling the new Layered Clouds and Gradient Sky features.

  • Head Bob - This feature will move the camera up and down in an attempt to simulate walking, and give a more realistic feel to moving around.

  • Balloon Chat - The "text over the heads" system has been replaced with a nicer-looking and more easily identifiable system of comic-style chat balloons.

  • Additional World Options - Including the ability to show all avatar names, hide all chat, and block whispers.


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