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Get to Know Your Neighbors!

This month we highlight Brant; who recently, after over 2 years as Caretaker of AWTeen, turned the reigns over to Poseidon and Chanty.

Being Caretaker of such a large, active community requires time, dedication and a whole lot of patience! We would just like to express our sincere appreciation to Brant for his contribution to the success of AWTeen, and congratulate him on a job well done.

Here is a brief glimpse at just some of the contributions Brant made to AWTeen while Caretaker:

  • Created a Committee System that revolutionized the way that the AWTeen core functioned - this allowed many volunteers from the AWTeen community take part in the various committees of the world, such as Major Events, the Just Ask Me group, etc.
  • Created the Ultimate Paintball bot that has provided the generations of AWTeen with a utility to create effective paintball matches.
  • Created Thor, the first actual Weather simulator that created a "gradual" or "smooth" transition from one time of day to another.
  • With the help of Grimble, he created the Demeter bot which allows for individual builders in a public building world to utilize the terrain editing feature.
  • Created the AWTeen security Bot which allows for the safe-keeping, and management of the worlds various privilege passwords.
  • Created a "Seeker" bot, allowing people to view where people are in a world.
  • Created a property locator, allowing people to find lost builds in a world.
  • Not to mention all of the hours and resources he donated to the betterment of AWTeen whether working with the Core, organizing events, or petitioning AWC on behalf of AWTeen.

    It is community volunteers like Brant who make the AW Community the vibrant, dynamic, success that it is!


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