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Cy Awards

Courtesy of AlphaBit Phalpha

Dear Activeworlds Community,

Nominations have closed, and the next step is, they will be posted at If you have any corrections please email us at

After corrections are made, they will be forwarded to the selection committee, (whom you voted for last month), who will then make their selections and then there will be Community voting as the final stage.

We received 268 emails, with a grand total of 721 category votes!

Voting should open Sat, Aug 17, 2002 7:00 PM VRT, however with the mass amounts of nominations that came in , we might have to adjust the calender. The calender is available at on it's link.

You are invited to join the Cy Awards Forum located on our home page. Feel free to ask questions, submit suggestions, or just watch for upcoming events:)

We hope you had a great evening at our fashion show:) Attendance was 120 !:) We will be adding pictures to our History pages shortly.

Thank you everyone and good luck in the 2002 Cy Awards!


The Cy Team
"CY's are CommunitY"


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