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Recommended Hot Spots

This month Agent1 joins our staff as our regular AW correspondant! We're hoping this new job will keep him so busy he'll stop honking ENZO's nose! ;)

Announcement: We're looking for a correspondant to represent the community in Yellow each month in the newsletter. If you're interested in applying for the position, please send an email to tellin' us why you love Yellow :)


Agent1's AW Recommendation
SW City AW 2217.4s 3609.8e 180 SW City is a very diverse and well-built city. It extends hundreds of coordinates in all directions, and was founded in March of 99. Many different people have built in the city, and it would take a LONG time to cover it all. This is a very great area, and deserving of the Agent1 Honk of Approval :) When you have some time, check it out! Maybe you'll even want to contribute to the already long list of builds. Be sure to visit their website at :)


Atlantis World Page

Caring's Atlantis Recommendation This month's spot is the Aquarium Club. Build by Clee, it is located at :
349.6N 401.7W 0.3a 82 in Atlantis. It is a lovely little building with a glass covered restaurant above the actual aquarium. One of the finer as aquariums go.


Mars World Page

Canopus' Mars Recommendation
It's October on Earth, and Autumn is settling down in the Valleys of Sirenum Terra in the Southern Hemisphere of Mars. A good season for visiting The Circus (451s 445e), which is equally notable for its way of applying textures and colors. The Circus is a joint project of Maria Sadis, LifeStudent, Abbot Pabisoko, Puptank and others. There are residences, office buildings, a maze, a nightclub, factories, temples, lots to look at. (Be sure to keep going SW from the central monument plaza, or you'll miss some of Puptank's most impressive building designs.)

From Cimmerium Spaceport (221s 316w 5a 90) take the Sirenum Railroad to Claritas Station (400s 630e 7.1a 270) and board the Claritas Tour to The Circus. If you're arriving from Earth, there is a rocket direct to Cimmerium Spaceport from the Orbiting Space Station (0n 953w 30.6a).


MPL Cybernome
COFMeta World Page
COFMeta's Newsletter

MPL Cybernome's COFMeta Recommendation
Throughout my travels through Meta, I have run across many places that really stand out. whether it's from the architectural design of a place or just the layout and texturing of buidlings, Meta has many sites that really deserve attention. This time, I have run across a city that cuts the cake in dazzling appearance. Midnight Bay, a product of Canopus, who is also our Mars Expert, is a wonderfully done city filled with many skyscrapers, colorful structures, and even a massive river. It is also built on a giant hill which makes exploring a sheer delight. If you're into night time in big cities, this one is a must see! Scaled quite large, Midnight Bay is one of the largest places in Meta to explore and is definitely worthy of a look see. The city is located at COFMeta 333.0s 444.0e -0.0a 197. If I was Siskel and Ebert, I would have to give Midnight Bay two thumbs up and a smile 8 - )


Goober King
UTN Web Site

GooberKing's UTN Recommendation
Capri City - COFMeta 266.4s 172.2e 90

This town is more of a shopping district than a town! Any store you could ever want or need has a home here in Capri City. Go browsing in Wal-Mart, get a bite to eat at Papa John's, and get your pill fill at Eckerd's. You can even order a pizza online! Not only that, but Capri City is home to Networx 109.1, Metatropolis' Official radio station! So stop on by, and plug in to Capri City!


Web Site

AWCOMREG's Recommendation
This month's hot spot is the USWF, brining a great VR Banking System and security. They have 4 great worlds, 1 is private and another under construction. But go and visit USWF_FUN which is their main world where you may play Lotto, Trivia and some cool RPG's. Building space will soon be available when USWF_FUN is upgraded. Also take some time in visiting USWF_CC which is the USWF Community Center. There you can find teleports to all joined up worlds and towns with the USWF and the UTN Towns! Great way to find your way around. Get some more information at:


AWTeen's Web Site

AWTeen's Recommendation
I think a good place to recommend this month would be the Cahalane Memorial World Controller Bot Complex at 975n 975e.

The Cahalane Memorial World Controller Bot Complex was constructed in memory of Cahalane, AWTeen's previous caretaker. Since October 6, AWTeen has been operating with Brant's World Controller Bot, which creates a smooth transition from day to night using Activeworlds 3 settings. As the sun sets and rises, the ambient light color adjusts gradually, and the light source and backgrounds also change to complete the simulation. This is improved over the Xelagot script that was formerly in use. Surrounding the complex is Four Seasons Forest, a building community that is growing by the day. The forest itself is separated by the four seasons, and lots are available inside the forest. Contact Brant for more information on building in the forest or if you have questions about the bot program.

M u n k u y
AWHS Web Site

M u n k u y's Historical Recommendation
Teleport coords: AW 46S 176E
Site names: "Lake Ion" and "Ion's Hideaway"
Date built: Around August 6, 1995

Earlier this month I was wandering around AW and stumbled upon the vast "Lake Ion". Dating from about August 6, 1995, it seems to span quite a ways around, and is filled with islands, small beaches, and other such items.

One of the sites I found around the middle of the lake that I found particularly interesting... a larger island area ion had dubbed "Ion's Hideaway."

It's scattered with trees and beaches as the other areas of the lake are, but it seems to have also been the site of a test area where ion organized a collection of many of AW's early objects. Judging from the dates on the objects, it pre-dates "Ion's Construction Company," (and may have served as a model for it) which was probably AW's first object yard (which is around 21S 1W, but is no not nearly the size it was at one time).

Also, keep an eye out for a small array of table1.rwx objects in that area that have some unusual coords in their description field. These coords read something to the effect of "-173, 147," as well as other such combinations.

I know, you're probably thinking, "These coords make no sense!" but there's a good reason why they look like they do... at the time Ion built this area, AW did not use the current coordinate system. That's right, there was no north, no west, and so on...

At the time, (until about v0.30) the coordinate system was based on the Cartesian coordinate system... except with the world's "X" axis inverted (so east, which would have been positive according to the Cartesian system, was negative in the old AW coord system). For more info on the old coordinate system, take a look at the first issue of "The New World Times," located at:

... So go on down to 46S 176E, and I'll leave the rest up to you. :)




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