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Vol.3, No. 10, Oct. 2000

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Courtesy of kellee

This month, we've a special treat as kellee shares with us a letter from a new teacher in AWSchool, Anduin Lothar.

Dear kellee

What does it mean to be a Teacher?

Being a teacher is a great responsibility and how you teach reflects all teachers in AWSchool. As a teacher you work long and hard hours every week to bring citizens and tourists of Active Worlds great knowledge and skills, and this is done by teaching them how to build from scratch and step by step. Starting with them from beginner lessons and working your way up to the harder things in advanced lessons like tricks to avoid the building inspector, create sounds and animate me's. All these things are taken into consideration to make a student enjoy building, and with a smile. Being a teacher certainly does not mean having lots of power and taking control over everyone that enters the school at all, teachers are friendly and are there to help you out and answer your questions to the best of their knowledge. Being a teacher is voluntary, meaning that we do not get paid money at all for all our hard work, but it's the "helping out the community" that really brings out the honor for teaching.

What do I find rewarding about being a Teacher?

Me... Geez, well I love teaching and helping out the community. I find it rewarding because I bring a student a smile when I teach them, and usually they are so happy when they have finished the lesson that you have made a new friend, or they come back for more the same time tomorrow! When they learn to build, you know that you have made AW a better place, because people that know how to build properly and nicely usually make better things than people who just scatter random objects everywhere right? I just find it very rewarding to just be there when someone needs it and helping them out and getting a "thank you, and thank you for your time".

How has been a teacher helped me so far?

Well I'm only a new teacher, well Teacher's Aide... So I haven't been one for long really. But it has helped me in many ways, and that is making friends and getting great communication skills and learning something new everytime you teach is great. In real life, my communication skills have boosted and wanting to talk to people about anything is kicking in ;o) It has also helped me in a way of getting known around AW. People telegram me even when I am offline for help and I don't even know them. I now also get contacted by e-mail for some help, and I help them out either by replying and helping them out that way or setting up a date and time to meet with them and helping them out then ;o)

The total conclusion is that I enjoy being a teacher and being there to help the tourists and citizens who need it.

Best Regards,
Anduin Lothar

kellee is an active member of the AWSchool and AWUniv team, and has a great texture yard at AW 1379.7N 1853.6W 0.0a 110. To find out more about building - from basic to advanced visit these worlds:




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